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Antique wood crucifix

Antique wood crucifix


Susan kept this antique crucifix, made of painted wood carved crude and from the 1800s, on her bedside table not because she was especially religious, in fact she had stopped going to Sunday mass in the early 1990s after an argument with the village priest in their small village in central Philippines, but because her grandmother told her that it could work miracles.

Old Lola Rosing had said that it was after praying to this statue every evening for nine months that it answered her prayers. It brought her a husband. Lolo Potring was just as requested – not too short nor too tall, did not talk too much, worked hard, and drank only on Sundays.

Old-objects hunter Enrico came along last year, when Susan finally accepted that the miracle was not to work for her. You see, at fifty seven she had been praying for just the right husband for more than three decades. We, in turn, bartered the crucifix and the tale off Enrico.

The Philippines is an archipelago of islands in southeast Asia that was a Spanish colony for three centuries, beginning the mid-1500s. During this time the heretofore largely animist isles were converted to the Catholic faith. Majority of citizens are practicing Catholics to this day.

Height of crucifix: 14.5 inches or 36.5 cm
Width: 9.5 inches or 24 cm

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