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About Our Fabric Bowls

It started with the birth of our daughter Lilou in 2009, when we found
ourselves going through our house in France to clear surfaces of many
things: anything that was not functional, and everything that  could
break or that was too heavy that if it fell could hurt little fingers
and toes. That left us with a lot of empty tabletops and shelves; a
little hard for the stuff-loving folk that we are.

Fast-forward to 2012 when Apol had a chance to work with a fabric
called abaca from the Philippines, where she was born. The material had a
rigidity that did not lend itself well to traditional sewing
techniques, yet she saw a potential there. She treated the fabric,
hardening it some more, and formed it into colorful bowls and pots that
were all at once functional, lightweight, and durable – perfect for the
organizing and decorating needs of the modern household with little

This year, all three of us, Lilou, Apol, and Pierre, have given in to
itchy feet and are spending a gap year in southeast Asia, with the
Philippines as base.

While here, we are working with a local weavers’ group, doing with
the palm-bark fabric they create what Apol originally made with abaca,
sculpting lightweight bowls, pots, and bags.

These pieces – aside from being kid-friendly – are also meant for
beach house decorating, for  white spaces looking to be livened up by
colorful and unique accent pieces.

Use them as fruit bowls, to hold your potted plants, to toss your
coins and keys in, and to organize office supplies. The totes double as
bags and magazines holders.

For more, click through our online magazine.

Something you may want to know about the bowls: The tree from which
the material comes from is in these parts called “buri,” a type of palm
tree. Something else: These pieces are very durable; they will never
break. Wipe with a soft cloth to clean.

You can read more about us at our blog.

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